Server , User and Client

Server , User && Client 

Internet users are gradually growing as well as intranet. Daily lots of new users are using the internet . But there are some terms or popular words on the internet such as Server, User, Client, and more. Internet users should know about these terms elaborately. Below discussed it :

Server:  A server is can be called a computer or device that provides information or data to another user or computer. It can provide data either LAN ( local area network ) or WAN ( Wide area network ) over the internet. There are various types of the server such as Web Server, Mail Server, and even File server. 

User:  A user is a person who uses something. If a user uses a server, he will be called a server user. Likealike website user. Seem that you have a website, if some visitor visits your website, they will be called as a user. If they register in your website, they will be called registered users. 

Client:  A client can be a computer or a person who uses and connects to the resources of a remote computer or can be a server. The resources can be files, data, information, and can be internet or intranet access. 

The server, user and client are connected to each other. On the internet , these words are commonly used. We use these words in our daily life as a netizen.  


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