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Why You Should Use Laravel Framework

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Reasons to Choose Laravel framework

Reasons to Choose Laravel framework. Over many years people used many frameworks in many programming languages like WordPress, laravel ,CodeIgniter and more. All framework has their own unique features and capabilities , used when developer developing their web applications. laravel framework tutorial.

Reasons to Choose Laravel framework. Why You Should Use Laravel Framework ? !Why laravel is better then others !

Laravel is open source PHP framework . Web developers can start developing a laravel web applications in minutes. laravel has a easy process . laravel gives best tools and helpful approaches and Support to develop website faster ,more stable and easier to maintenance.

More reasons to choose laravel framework …

  • Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries. …
  • Clarity in Documentation and MVC Pattern. …
  • Unit Testing. …
  • Database Seeding. …
  • High-End Authentication and Authorization. …
  • Caching. …
  • Artisan. …
  • Blade Template Engine.


Laravel comes with Blade template engine. You can take advantage of Blade to include plain PHP code in the view and compile the views into PHP code. Thus, you can improve the website’s performance by compiling the views into PHP code, and be caching the code till the views change. The blade further makes it easier for you to display data and extend layout without affecting the application’s speed.

You can take benefit of the basic caching system provided by Laravel to achieve simple caching tasks like storing objects in a file or database. Simultaneously, you also have the choice to integrate the web framework flawlessly with popular caching systems like Redis, APC, and Memcached. Thus, you can simply augment the web application’s performance by integrating a robust caching system into Laravel.

Besides Laravel framework can be used in small projects and as well as large projects also.

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